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Mexican BeachFinally! After all the proofreading and all the formatting and all the figuring out how to get Palace of the Blue Butterfly on Amazon Books and Goodreads, I‘m starting to revise my second romantic suspense novel Bird of Paradise.

This is sort of what I look like these days — only no fishbowl, no fish, no green branches, just me staring out into space. Any normal person would wonder what I’m doing. Well just FYI: Yesterday, my imagination took me to a beach on Mexico’s Pacific coast. I felt the sand on the soles of my feet, the wind in my hair, heard the waves, the shells being pulled out to sea, and in this trance, characters emerged from nowhere, for example, the French guy — Francois Richter. Where did he come from? He wasn’t in my first draft. But Bee, my main character, opened the door of the van, and there he was in . . .

Here’s a secret.

I don’t start with the plot.

Not at first.

All novels, and Romantic Suspense novels are no different, start with characters. Period. Characters.

Amanda Hocking, the young cause célèbre who just got a six-figure advance for her self-published books, made a very astute remark. I’ll paraphrase what she said:

The reason my books sell is because they are about characters. Most novels I read are about ideas in search of . . .

Sometime after hurricane season in Mexico and before the spring wildflowers arrive here on the ranch, I’m planning a trip to the Mayan Riviera. I have always wanted to stay at the Hotel Maroma, set on a deserted beach fifteen miles down a bumpy, dirt road from the highway to Tulum . This year I’m going to do it, my reward for getting my novel out of the closet and into the world. On this post, I’ll be reading the very last episode. Here’s the plan. Dave and I rent a car in Merida, and we drive to one of those wonderfully . . .