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Walt Whitman PhotoI really didn’t know how to tie the whole Occupy Wall Street thing that has inspired me so much into my blog about life in the mountains until I got an e-mail from a friend with the following heading: Writers support Occupy Wall Street. Check it out.

And there it was! A list of 200 writers — Pulitzer Prize Winners, Booker Prize Winners, Poets Laureates of the US, writers whose books had been made into movies, writers who’d been my teachers, writers I’d interviewed for NPR, a young writer who went to high school with my daughter, a writer who used to be a neighbor, very famous writers like Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood and Michael Cunningham and lesser known writers — who’d signed the following statement:

We, the undersigned writers and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement . . .