New Year: Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, etc.

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HERE’S MY LIST OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. What does your list look like?

1. I will begin (and complete) Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way

2. I will self-publish my novel Palace of the Blue Butterfly

3. I will meditate (almost every day)

4. I will write down my dreams (almost every day)

5. I will practice 15 minutes of yoga (almost every day)

6. I will walk down my little country road (almost every day)

7. I will practice compassion EVERY day.

And so I begin the New Year with this Buddhist prayer.

May I be medicine for the sick.
May I be food and drink in a time of famine.
May I be a lamp
for those who need light,
a bed for those who need rest.
May I be a guide for all seekers
to the Other Shore.
May all find happiness through my actions.
Whether they love or hate me,
whether they hurt or wrong me,
Let no one suffer because of me.


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