Here are some sites that I like, and that you may find helpful. If you have any other ideas, please forward to me for consideration.

Barn Braining – getting people together, finding alternative low cost energy methods, gardening, farming, organics, homesteading and much more.

Beginning Farmers – Compilation of information resources for new, experienced, and potential farmers, as well as educators, activists, and policy makers interested in the development of new farm enterprise.

Citified Country Girl – A country girl’s adventures in the country and the city, as well as her photography, DIY decor, outdoor adventures, and some good recipes, too.

Cozy Little House – The writings and photographs from my cozy little house in the pines of East Texas.

The Country Girl – Chronicling a move from cosmopolitan Washington, D.C. to rural Dow, Illinois, and all that that entails.

Country Living, Country Skills – a general gathering place for info about everything involved.

Coyote Ridge Farms – Follow the Radtkes, a West-central Minnesota family, as they pursue a goal of starting and managing a small farm.

Diary of 1 – Jen’s reflections on country life, family, and faith.

Down to the Roots Magazine – Step-by-step instructions to accomplish your dream, on your homestead, no matter where it is.

Enjoy Simple Living – Stay out of the whirlwind and have the peace you’re longing for.

Girl from North Country – ‘the earth moves and it swivels and rocks’ . . . David Bryne. A blog devoted to finding art and beauty in everything that surrounds us in our daily lives.

Goodbye City Life – like the title says, a guide for those of us transitioning from one style of living to another.

Green Mountain at Fox Run – a women’s healthy weight loss retreat, with a non-diet, intuitive approach to eating, exercising and living. Their mission is to help women feel good again, free of worries about food, weight, eating and negative body images.

Just Plain Good Living – aid in finding a peaceful life through wholeheartedness, simplicity, and homesteading.

Miramonte – Just some general information on the Miramonte area, in case you’re interested.

Modern Homesteading Today – For people who prefer to live a quieter and simpler lifestyle in contrast to city or urban dwellers.

Nature’s Contraceptives – You now have a natural choice for birth control.

Old Fashioned Recipes – Old fashioned cooking recipes that you can make easily at home!

Preserving Animals – excellent information on animal sanctuaries, and the overall importance of all the animals with whom we share the planet.

Real Country Life – local history, old photographs, recipes, crafts, genealogy, places to visit and sites to see.

Real Country Living – intended to help anyone achieve a country feeling, whether residing in a large metropolis or in the middle of nowhere.

Sea Mountain Resort – is where you can eflect, relax, spa, and enjoy the premier nude spa retreat in Southern California.

Ultimate Carlos Santana Resource – simply everything you ever wanted to know about Carlos and his band.

Vintage Country Girl – you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Wild Pantry – Dine on the Wild Side of Mother Nature! All natural wild food products, wild mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, nuts and wild medicinal plants brought to you by Mother Nature’s Outside Pantry.